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the offence the injured committed, breeders should take responsibility to a certain extent," he said. Animal b▓iting has become a big problem in China in recent years, with thousands

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be▓rated on Tuesday. The revised law, if ap

of cases reported in Beijing alone, accor▓ding to the legislators. Rabies has long remained in the top three killers among infectious diseases in the country. To prote

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proved, is s▓tricter than previous versions

ct people's life and safety, rules have to be strict, legislation said. Some legislators also su▓ggested specifying who was to take responsibility for animal attacks i

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, according to legislator▓s. It would assig

n nature reserves. In addition to breede▓rs and pet owners, managers of restaurants that keep animals and zoo keepers would also be held liable for▓ animal attacks. Net

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red person provoked the attack


herlands to crack down on animal rights▓ extremismChinese authorities: Animal feed is safeDoubts are being raised about the quality of China's animal feed ▓products, after eggs from the mainland on sale in Hong Kong were found to contain the toxic chemical, melamine. The Ministry of Agriculture has

assured the public that 97 percent animal feed made in the country is safe.Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture have denounced speculation that adding melamine to fodder is a long-standing practice. They say a survey by the ministry in August shows an overwhelming proportion of the country's animal fee▓d is safe.Wang Zhicai, Director of Husbandry Department of M▓inistry of Agriculture said "Such practices can only reflect the illegal behavior of some individual companies, not the overall ethics of the sector. 97 percent of▓ the products in the sector are above the quality ▓standard."The Ministry launched a nationwide crack down o▓n the production and use of melamine 16 mon

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ths ago, following the detection of pet food containing mela▓mine exported from China to the US. And after the baby formula milk powder contamination incident earlier this year, the Ministry has adopted stricter quality cont▓rol measures.Wang Zhicai said "The Ministry will continue its hard-line policies. We have made it clear that▓ if the c

  • e responsible party can prove that the animal was thre
  • atened▓ or seriously provoked by the injured party, the
  • n a lighter penalty or reprieve might be imposed, accordin
  • g ▓to the revised draft. Legislator Cao Bochun suggested

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ontamination is unintentional, a product recall▓ and compensation should be the top priority. If intentional, we will bring the perpetrators to justice."The Minis▓try says local authorities must recall and seal all ▓anima

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l feed found to contain melamine. And all fodder producers must keep detailed production logs and optimize their quality check systems of raw materials.

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